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Integrity Sweep Police Amsterdam:
Information from all over Amsterdam entering unfiltered into: Contra Terrorisme Box
in a combined effort of: KLPD, Politie and AIVD together in order to follow all regarded dangerous: persons and organisations
motivated by the killing of "Theo van Gogh"
Am I creasy, I see them putting spies among the personnel of the supermarkets where I am buying. So how is that with you?

You may be onder surveillance yourself !!!, an Integrity Sweep as a standard procedure integrated in the investigation !!!


Police versus Spy or Maffia
A spy is generally born and raised into the trade. It is not a profession, but a matter of lifestyle for this type of person. He is trained from very young, possibly pre kindergarten. This affects mainly the following thema's that are extremely important in relation to Communication and Surveillance:
Bodylanguage reading / listening
Bodylanguage: A cop can be very good at reading the bodylanguage sign's, learnt in some formal setting (school, books video's etc and of course on the job through dealing with people. But he will probably never gain the level of observational skill and understanding that somebody has gained by being born and raised in a social setting where a skillfull lying is rewarded by mummy. Or where dad gives his son of 4 a secret sign that says "go and kick that person, I will protect you" and an hour later a sign to his daughter "go ahead steal what you like". This results in people that can skillfully steal etc. More inportant is that they have learned to communicate in a very subtle hidden.
Spy Training

very highly skillled thieves, level of u level (maffia)...................... bodylanguage speaking much less cop training and education is availlable where it bodylasnguage speaking concerns. lying etc but naturally the system is designed to be from a lesser quallity than that spys operate in. theory DESENSIBILISATION Reprogramming of emotions. To hide my emotions and bodylanguage with corrupted feelings and loyalties .

Made some diagrams on how some of the AIVD tactics work: harrasment / stalking / provocation

 +->|  |                 Observation & Harrasment
 |  +--+                    monitoring, provocation, 
 |   ||                     intimidation, manipulations
 |   \/
 |  +--+
 +--|  |                 Manipulation of life chances
    +--+                    losing: friends, work, accomodation, 
 ^   ||                             opportunities &
 |   ||                     finding new: "friends", "work", 
 |   ||                             "accomodation" and "opportunities"
 |   \/
 |  +--+
 +--|  |                 Gotcha, landed into created situation
    +--+                    you find yourself in serious trouble, 
 ^   ||                     ready for chantage, blackmail and the like.  
 |   ||                     Your "friends" / witnesses loyalty works against you.
 |   \/
 |  +--+ 
 +--|  |                 Offer
    +--+                    tell us all about ... work for us, do ...
 ^   ||
 |   \/
 |  +--+
 +--|  |                 Tool
    +--+                    you have become a puppet for further development 
                            into mainly these directions:
			       1 agent provocateur: terrorist, criminal, liquidator
                               2 scene infiltrator: drugs, politics, IT, media, finance, 
			         Hells Angels, Kurds, etc.

on the issue of: Dutch Integrity Scan by Systematic Stalking

 //    \\
 ||     ||
 ||     \/ 
 ||      0 <----- Fresh personnel in (X) 
 ||     ||
 ||     \/
 ||      0 ------ Crisis or Threat of some kind
 ||     ||
 ||     \/
 ||      0 ------ Harassment & Confusion
 ||     ||          - help subject (Tamagotchi) a little
 ||     ||          - talk Sympathetic
 /\     ||
 ||     \/
 ||      0 ------ Watch for Sympathizers
 ||     ||
 ||     \/
 ||      0 ------ Filter 
 ||     ||\
 ||     || '----> symphathizers out (Y) 
 ||     ||  \ 
 ||     ||   '--> excess personel out
 \\     //


Monitoring is mostly done by loading the visible system ontop of a invisible system (kernel) that resides in a single chip. This system on a chip can be located on a memory module or in the BIOS itself. Thus becoming almost undetectable. From here all keystrokes can be logged (keylogger) and the data securely transmitted over a VPN or stored in memory. Operations like formatting are circumvented by having the BIOS move the data around while formatting is in process.
Therefore I recommend using a public computer at some internet cafe but leave your mobile home or pull the battery first long before you start looking for the shop. And of course you will never combine your private- with the secure- work, not in this sessio not in this cafe not today. KEEP iT SEPERATE AT ALL TIME!!!.

Cash is cash, but with electronic money so much data is gathered for commercial purposes that your privacy is very surely at risk. As an exampe I will describe what is done when you pay electronically at a candy vending machine: The owners / operators have an interest to manage the cost of operating their machines. Therefore they keep a database of all machines and all transactions. Data collection is cheap enough but managing all this data and transforming it into usefull data is difficult and an expensive bussiness. So that will be outsourced to specialised companies that are dealing with many more data gathering and data transformation applications like these. How convenient for the security of the state... The question, how do I earn the most money from my machine breaks down to the following questions:

So many factors influence the operation of a simple candy machine. A database is kept on the machine, in a compressed digital format ID';s are kept that uniquely identify: date, time, product and chipcard. Useally the following files are kept: In fact we don't need to keep the prices or totalls in this database as this is defined by the product-ID and the date of purchase, so pricechanges are no hassle on the machine and the file productprice does not need to be kept on the machine itself. By combining and sorting these figures in different formats all sorts of questions can be asked. Like what is the optimal product mix for a machine in the summer. This means we want to see the highest possible frequency in transactions for products with the best margin between april and september - a matter of combining, sorting and counting. The salestable is combined with the productprice table to turn the sold product frequency into a monetary unit. The optimum is found by finding the highest margins on the totals, where additional costs from operating the machine i.e. filling frequency, cleaning, protection, etc has to be taken into account as well. So the answer to this kind of questions is not so easy, a lot of data is neaded and the effect and relation to other seasonal and commercial factors needs to be established aswell.
Before, price management was related to coin availability, leading to ":easy" prices, better 40 ct. than 37 or 42 ct. But with e-money these prices can be handled, ofcourse a price is not only a economical matter but also psychological and that is the reason why we haven't seen 37 ct. yet on a Dutch vendingmachine, but in theory the price of candy could be exsactly set to a calculated optimum.
The keeping of chipcard-ID's is obvious as chipcard costs needs to be balanced too, like what is the best chipcard for us, the cost per unit, lifecyclemanagement, "extra" functions, promotional activities, customer relation management and fraud. Fraud is almost zero as nobody knows yet how to manipulate a chipcard.
At the datamining company that is specialised in this sort of problems a lot of data from all sorts of applications comes together. Not only vending machines but public transport, factory inventories and insurance data etc. So a very sophisticated user profile can be established, very much along the same procedure as finding a optimal productmix. Of course they will need to link the data from all these applications together and thats where all these (chip, ATM, loyalty, etc) card-ID's kicks in.
Customer relation management is the real privacy intruder. Why not combining your customer relation package with a GIS, a Geografical Information System. If the bank knows that you are paying most of your parking tickets near hotels and restaurants a mailing on travel insurance, hotel vouchers or a special parking pass may be on your way. This makes economically a lot of sense.
It all comes together at the Data Mining company:
Buying groceries with your loyalty / chip-card tells us your feeding habits. And more, it links your chipcard-ID to the fatctory inventory database, so the soupfactory could send you a letter for a product recall. Or make the tax man suspicious, because you buy caviar all the time while you are on the dole (Social Benevit). The insurance company may think that you are lying to them about your drinking smoking or cholesterol whatever. As we can count product-ID frequencies in order to find the optimal productmix, we can find your purchasing habits by counting your chipcard-ID at the datamining company. So the police in their murder investigation does not need to ask "YOU" if you bought this particular brand of white shoeshine at this or that shop, the datamining company can tell when and where you bought it, how the product came to the shop, where you parked the night before.

GSM another great privacy intruder.
People go to bed with their mobile phones today. And calls get always answerred at the most idiot and inconvenient places and moments they shoudn't.
If we had a map of a city and then projected all mobile phones on it ass red pixels and we followed this cloud of red dots in time we would see how this red cloud washes through town. In the morning an individual phone user wanders a bit around at home, a trembling dot. Then a lot of dots go off to work and we see dots flowing through town, making long hauls through and out of town.Then they arrive at work where they are seen mostly stationary except for lunch and other breaks. In the evening we see the long haul again with stops at shopping centers etc. A bit like watching traffic lights in the night from some high point, but this has far greater detail, whe know who is where, we can time activities as drugstore shopping etc. and sleeping or cooking for complete populations particular when they live in uniform houses like appartment blocks etc.
Most people don't realise yet what a tremendous powerfull tool GSM-data is to track and "profile" all kinds of human behaviour. Wherther a single person or an multitude of arbitrary groups of people. How long does the average dinner shopping take for a given person at Tuesday afternoon's between 17:00 -18:30 hours.. Do you know? maybe, but they do... and with statistic accuracy.
So if you like some level of privacy, switch off your damn phone, or even better remove the battery...
Reference (in Dutch):

RFID is een al wat oudere techniek die door kosten verlaging bereikbaar gaat worden (2005) voor massale inzet in consumenten goederen. Meestal denkt men bij RFID aan de intelligente sturing van het logistieke process. Toen ik afstudeerde (1990/1991) als levensmiddelentechnoloog werd er al over RFID onderwezen als belofte voor de toekomst want nog veel te duur. Voornamelijk als middel voor het waarborgen van de productkwaliteit in de logistieke keten.
RFID in de logistiek Als voorbeeld van toen diende het volgen van een fles melk waarbij de verpakking voorzien is van een RFID-tag met temperatuur sensor. Door RFID scanners op strategische kwaliteitsbepalende punten word niet alleen het product gevolgd maar ook de temperatuur op locatie in de tijd onderweg, hierdoor kan men, voor de dagelijkse praktijk is dit per eenheid niet zo interessant maar wel goed uitvoerbaar, tot in de koelkast van de klant het temperatuur verloop dat pak melk onderweg van fabriek naar klant volgen.
Maar stel dat: Door een voedselvergiftiging op een buffet een groot aantal feestvierders ziek word en een aantal zelfs sterft. Wat is de oorzaak en wie is aansprakelijk? Doormiddel van de laboratorium onderzoek kan worden vastgesteld dat de vergiftiging is veroorzaakt door de ham in een salade. Aan de hand van de RFID is dan te herleiden dat de ham te lang bewaard is bij een te hoge temperatuur maar ook by wie!
   de cateraar die deze ham nog overhad van een ander feest...
   zijn leverancier...
   onderweg in een auto met kapotte koeling...
Cruciaal is hier dat de RFID chip tijd en temperatuur registreerd en rapporteerd op plaatsen en tijdstippen die kwaliteitsbepalend zijn.

RFID en intelligence
Hier is vooral van belang dat de rfid voorzien is van de i/o capaciteiten die ook de melk en ham volgende RFID-tag kenmerken, een zeer goedkoop gemaakt massaproduct dus. De i/o (input/ output) mogelijkheden geven de tag enorme mogelijkheden om doormiddel van sensoren temperatuur, zuurtegraad, zuurstofgehalte etc te volgen en door electroden andere processen aan te sturen. In de medische wetenschap kan een ingenomen tag er voor zorgen dat precies op de goede plaats en moment een medicijn afgegeven word in het spijsverteringskanaal, of de hartslag gevolgd en eventueel bijgestuurd wordt. Een RFID-tag die tegen een zenuw geplaatst wordt kan na externe aansturing complete spiergroepen of levensfuncties uitschakelen.
Waarmee de wereld van George Orwell doordringt tot in het menselijk lichaam...