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The Assasination of Theo van Gogh in the Netherlands.

Why was Theo killed, we dont know, all facts and media points to some radical Islamic idiots. But that doesn't neccesarily be the real cause, the intellectualö owner of this murder. Theo was very well known for his provocative opinions on many subjects not only moslim fundamentalist, but also on scandals involving the royal familie, the real causes for Srebrenicza and the murder on Pim Fortuyn and the media campaign surrounding this murder.

Now that Theo is really butchered we can see how the media again is playing the same trick again by implicidly saying that Theo asked for his killing by spreading heatred in the moslim community, Was an extremely rude unmannered person, isnot worth bothering much.

Although Theo refused police protection (T1) he was not allone out there. Theo had been under AIVD (secret service) investigations for a long long time(T2). He wasn't liked very much by the service (T3) you know. But very very typical this sadistic and paranoid bunch just withdrew 2 weeks before the kill... from this hyper dangerous They say (T4). Well secret services dont always speak the truth do they? (T5). Come think again Theo just finished his film on the assassination of Pim Fortuyn the self-made miljonaire and politician, non-nominated (T6), not approved and deeply feared by the establishment(T7). Theo wasn't the only one who voiced doubts as to who and why Pim Fortyun was killed (T8). Heavy accusations have been made to AIVD involvement by many (T9). So why leave Theo now all by himself, tuning and honing his film to the maximum effect, is that logical? Believe me Theo was not left allone...

Analysis on the Theo van Goghs murder case

A small analysis on limited news reporting surrounding the Theo van Gogh's murder case.

An incomplete selection of media reporting dealing with the Theo van Gogh liquidation before and after the murder will be analysed. It's aim is merely to see if the authors theory can be confirmed by facts from the media. The outcome will be published on the web and readers will be invited to comment and improve on the text.
Media Index

1 So what did Theo do or say what caused the attack? Theo made a lot of films, wrote essays for his website and had a column in the free newspaper Metro. The author doesnt have TV and didn't see any of his films except for: "Julia and Naijib" and fragments of the controversial "?" Theo columns for Metro newspaper are very outspoken and although highly regarded by many somewhat of a mixed bag. Some of his artikles are nomore than hateletters to prominents that he disregarded or thought off as fake. Which in part of stems from the Pim Fortuyn murder and is probably widely felt in society.

Theo also wrote highly critical on moslim fundamentalism / traditionalism and Gangsterism by youth's from the Magreb.

Critique on Islamic fundamentalism ( hetze) Critique on leftwing (social democrat) MultiCulti tolerance (indifference) Critique on Royal House of Orange Critique on official theory on the murder of Pim Fortuyn Feuds with (nep/onecht) unreal actors of Dutch political establisment

2 Noise protest on the dam to intimidate and silence alternative opinions

3. The ultra fast and well suited reaction from the police to the murder.
Within minutes, the local police station was just a few hundreds meters away, several police cars and a motorcycle started hunting the murderer. They found him in a park and by the subsequent shooting (30 bullets) between the murderer and the motorcycle policeman they managed to immobilize him by wounding him in the leg. The motorcyclist recieved minor injuries but is protected with a bulletproof jacket.The police was alarmed by mobile phone calls from several witnesses to the murde, they all called the national alarm number 112.

The murderer is arrested alive, despite the shooting in the park.
Apparently the murder planned to getaway and if cought become a martyr. Murderer appeared surprised to his surveival and not to become a martyrer. There is apparently no live exit plan.

A row breaks out: The murderer was regarded a dangerous and hardcore extremist. There are apparently some 150 of these people in the Netherlands and all are under full observation according to AIVD information. But surprisingly this guy was just some two weeks before declassiefied as dangerous and released from the surveillance. This enabled him to plan and arrange for the attack (by mobile phone the AIVD says). CONCLUSION: This is highly suspicius. Someone is under investigation and surveilance for some time. They follow him in his dayly routine, listen to his phone, wire his house, track his contacts, do some profiling and discover his contacts with the other dangerous 150. Then they release him from the surveillance and find him killing (butchering is a better word) a very critical voice only two weeks later. Theo was not only critical of Islam and immigration but to the Royal House, Politics, AIVD and Pim Fortuyn killing as well. The AIVD is eitherway incompetent or has some involvement.

A row breaks out: Surveilance of hardcore islamists by the CID (Criminal Intelligence Service, a local section of the Secret Service AIVD integrated into the Police) in the capital was unknown (kept secret) to its own leadership. CONCLUSION: Apparently there is some mistrust in the organisation here and it coincides with the noise protest that blocked the same leadership to speak to the protesting crowd.

Murder investigation is taken away from Amsterdam police and transverred to the National Recherche.
CONCLUSION: The Amsterdam Police is very well capable of executing an investigation like this. Despite the shock and national outcry politics is not a big issue here, some reporting to the media may require some coordination. Transferring the murder investigation to the National recherche confirms the impression that a a cover-up is on its way.

Depicting victim in the media as unsympathetic
Use of angry, ugly foto's
Negative reporting on Theo's character

Constant emphasising its provocative opinions on Islam (calling fundamentalists goatfuckers)

Constant pointing at its film project with Hirshi Ayaan on repressive character of Islam to women as the likely cause for his execution.

Repeated deaththreads to other Islam critical voices like Hirshi Ayaan and Geert Wilders.

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