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Policy of Tension / Policy of Fear

Old stuff on the terror of the 70's & 80's that becomes interesting because of the parallels that can be seen with the current 2001-2005 Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorism wave. Implicating an confusing picture of interests and (foreign) intelligence interference.

The Netherlands as Holland is also known is changing fast these days. A number of small disasters and sometimes whole serie's of events of relative harmless nature has triggered the State to implement all kind of measures that limit civil and democratic rights.... The world and Dutch nationals held `the Netherlands for a truly liberal, free and open society, democratic and with great respect for the law, Nationale State realy going by the high standards of Human Rights and is it abiding its own National Laws? Read the following articles in Dutch to see what is really going on:

Hidden Racism and Islamofobia

Some neurotic reactions to Terrorism after 9/11 in the Netherlands (in Dutch)

Silencing the Press:
Cleening up the press, this will silence some criticasters

Dutch involvement / relation to AIVD / Politics / Media

16 Open Source Intelligence
11 Croatian Pipeline
14 Coatian Pipeline
21 Yougoslavia arrests 4 Dutch "Assasins"
17 Pakistan Implicated in Assassination Plot Against Bangladesh PM
18 International Nuke Scandal Explodes (Khan/Urenco)

Some tools for the paranoid State: Wednesday 12 Jan 2005, Spits ANP/New Scientist Software herkent emoties van beller Wednesday 12 Jan 2005 Metro ANP/New Scientist Software herkent emoties bellers "RFID + Intelligence" "RFID + spy" ---> illuminati BBS

Local Intelligence Infiltrations, Amsterdam 2000
On the currently redundant left (think Kedigem) we find:
The Squatter movement / krakers beweging, Honeypot Vrankrijk etc.
Alternative bookshops: Sjakoo etc. Recording your personalia when you buy from their stock of obscure/disputed documentation.
Alternatieve boekhandels, Sjakoo etc. ze nemen je naam en adres als je koopt van hun verzameling obscure/omstreden documentatie.