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From: President, USA Exile Govt. (
Subject: The Final Run-Up to WW4?
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Date: 2004-02-19 23:06:54 PST
Forwarded with Compliments of Free Voice of America (FVOA):  Accurate
News and Interesting Commentary for Amerika's Huddled Masses Yearning
to Breathe Free.

From: "GRAHAM  JUKES" <>
Date: February 19, 2004 3:12:31 PM GMT+07:00

My Purpose: To Inform & To Provoke "CHANGE!"
ENOUGH of the cynical manipulation of people!

"I am only one, but I am one.  I cannot do everything, but I can do
  something.  And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the
something that I can do. What I can do, I should do.  And what I should do,
by the grace of God, I will do."  ----  Edward Everett Hale for "Rebellion to
tyrants is obedience to God," so Thomas Jefferson's motto read!
Why not now help the cause and "forward" this e-mail
onto your friends and acquaintances?

International Nuke Scandal: The Final Prequel for WW4?
February 19th, 2004
By Nico Haupt aka Ewing2001

With every day, the bigger picture of 9/11 becomes clearer:

Now we finally know why Pakistan was really one of
the most important allies of the United States in
their bogus war on terrorism, why it now makes
absolute sense that Pakistan had a significant hand
in parts of the script of 9/11--allowing an Inside
Job, orchestrated by the US.

The Cover-up of 9/11 was also representative of a
cover-up of an international nuke business smuggle.

As the NY Times and HiPakistan can reveal, almost 15
countries had been involved, obviously okayed by
Pakistan's Secret Service, probably also allowed by
the CIA, current and former US

"...The UN nuclear watchdog's list of Europeans who
may have been suppliers to a global atomic black
market is getting longer by the day, diplomats said.

...The UN probe identified people or firms from
Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sri Lanka,
Switzerland, South Africa, Japan, Dubai, Malaysia, the
United States, Spain, Russia, China and Pakistan.",1518,286908,00.html
Yesterday, german police confirmed another arrest,
  a german director of a company in Marburg.

He was accused of having sold so-called
Alpha-Gamma-Spectrometry Systems, to a subsidiary of
Khan's laboratory in Islamabad.

Finally, the famous "breakfast meeting" of Pakistan in
the U.S. during Sep6th-Sep15th 2001 shows once
again why Pakistan was so helpful for the U.S.:

-to cover-up an international nuke-businesss-ring

-creating the Taliban, with the help of thee CIA

-planning the war against Afghanistan, painnted as
bogus "retaliation" after 9/11

-support future U.S. plans of building a piipeline
through Afghanistan and Pakistan

-assassinate the Commander of the Northern  Alliance,
a few days before Sep11th

-kill Daniel Pearl, WSJ journalist, with thhe help of
the I.S.I. (basically a subsidiary of the CIA)

-help "capturing" Bin Laden (or his stand-iin) and put
him on hold (until before the U.S. election 2004?)

-cover-up the final background details abouut the BCCI


The latest developments show that the CIA has known
since the 70s that Khan was working on nuclear devices.

Already last week, Financial Times reported
that relatives of 6 other Paki-scientists accused
Islamabad of indulging in "a cover-up to protect the
Pakistani military from being tainted by the
nuclear proliferation scandal.."

They also announced, that "they intend to present
evidence showing that the scientists could not have
transferred the materials from Khan Research
Laboratories without being detected.

"They say that the site - at which A.Q. Khan enriched
uranium needed for nuclear weapons - was closely
guarded by Pakistani troops and agents
working for Inter-Services Intelligence, Pakistan's
equivalent of the CIA..."

The highlights of the NY Times article:

"... The problem began with the 1970 Treaty of Almelo,
under which Britain, Germany and the Netherlands
agreed to develop centrifuges to enrich uranium
jointly, ensuring their nuclear power industry a fuel
source independent of the United States. Urenco, or
the Uranium Enrichment Company, was established the
next year with its primary enrichment plant at Almelo,
the Netherlands.

"... Dr. Khan, who worked for a Urenco Dutch
subcontractor, Physics Dynamic Research Laboratory,
was given access to the most advanced designs, even
though he came from Pakistan, which was already known
to harbor nuclear ambitions. A 1980 report by the
Dutch government on his activities said he visited the
Almelo factory in May 1972 and by late 1974 had an
office there.

"After Dr. Khan returned to Pakistan with blueprints
and supplier lists for uranium enrichment centrifuges
at the end of 1975, American intelligence agencies
predicted that he would soon be shopping for the items
needed to build the centrifuges for Pakistan's bomb.

"... In 1983, a Dutch court convicted Dr. Khan in
absentia on charges of stealing the designs, though
the conviction was later overturned on a technicality.
Nonetheless, in the late 1980's, Belgian ministers led
delegations of scientists and businessmen to Pakistan,
despite warnings from their own experts that they were
meeting with people involved in the military
application of nuclear technology.

"Every well-informed person knows the inherent danger
of an intense collaboration with a country such as
Pakistan," wrote Reni Constant, director of Belgium's
National Institute of Radioactive Elements in February
1987, chastising Philippe Maystadt, then the country's
minister of economic affairs, after one such visit.

"That same year, despite American warnings to Germany
that such a sale was imminent, a German firm exported
to Pakistan a plant for the recovery of tritium, a
volatile gas used to increase the power of nuclear
bombs. The company simply called the plant something
else to obtain an export license.

"...One name on a list of suppliers to Iran that came
to light in recent investigations was Henk Slebos, who
studied with Dr. Khan at Delft Technological
University in Leuven, Belgium, in the late 1960's.

"In the early 1980's, Mr. Slebos was arrested for
shipping an oscilloscope, used in testing centrifuges,
to Dr. Khan in Pakistan. He was convicted and
sentenced to a brief prison term in 1985. Mr. Slebos
declined to comment for this article.

"In 1998, he withdrew five Pakistan-bound shipments
that the Dutch authorities had stopped in the
Netherlands, Belgium and Austria because they
contained "dual use" items, which could be used for
unconventional weapons as well as civilian

The following paragraph shows also the real
significance of Dutch Jaap de Hoop Scheffer's
appointment as NATO's new secretary general.

De Hoop Scheffer was also a hardline supporter of the
War against Iraq and a close friend of NeoCon-PNAC
Paul Wolfowitz.

As GFP could prove last year, the role of the Dutch
intelligence was also strongly connected with the
observation of the so-called "terror-cell" of

Dutch media shows that between 2002 and 2003 at
least seven Muslim mosque "suspects" (connected with
the Bin Laden "golden chain" and part of the official
Sep 11th hijackers), could have been traced back by
Dutch intelligence AIVD to Hamburg, obviously also
with help of German intelligence.

How much prior knowledge did de Hoop Scheffer have
about 9/11, how much did he know about the
Paki (CIA) Nuke Scandal?

Was he even bribed with this new position, to shut
down his mouth? :

"...Last September, Mr. Slebos was among the sponsors
of an international symposium on advanced materials in
Pakistan organized by Dr. Khan.

Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, who was then the Dutch foreign
minister and is now NATO's secretary general, told
Dutch members of Parliament that Mr. Slebos was still
doing business with Dr. Khan, though he did not

It is time that international activists work together
with the 9/11 Truth Movement on a clear protest and
peaceful removal-strategy of the evildoers, who
hijacked the White House and U.S. Constitution.

Otherwise they will continue with their evil script of
fantasy terrorists, also known as Al-Quaeda, better
described as Al-CIAeda.

This is not about politics anymore.

Progressive right wings and progressive left wings
have to team up to block the fix of the forthcoming

The fix is in.

With another brainwashed John Kerry (supported by the
oil-and-military industry: Chevron, AIG, Allied Signal
etc..) or a renewed Bush Administration, the bogus war
will continue, until every pipeline business is under

A nuclear scenario, especially when the final pipeline
contracts with either Japan or China are done, IS
possible, and can easily be blamed on either a
Russian-Czechian, Chinese or "international"

Decide for the truth, decide for your future.
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