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Steps taken by the victim to exhaust domestic remedies- recourse to the courts or other public authorities, 
when and with what results (if possible, enclose copies of all relevant judicial or administrative decisions):

The path along officials:

during 1998    calls to lawyers
2000	       seen some lawyers, but no help

27 Sept 2001    Police report after AIVD instructed theft in
internetcafe Easyeverything.
28 Sept 2001    My passport is withdrawn by the City Council for investigation.
12 Sept 2003    Flyer and report delivered at Bohler, Franken, Koppe
Wijngaarden Lawfirm, Kijzersgracht 560-562, 1017EM Amsterdam.
15 Sept 2003	Letter from Bohler, Franken, Koppe, Wijngaarden Lawyers, returning flyer and
report because of lacking time and / or expertise. This law firm has some fame
in cases against the state and recently defending suspected Muslim
27 Oct 2003	Send a letter to the Board of directors of VSB bank,
one of the banks that I stole the Cashpoint computer sources from,
expressing my regret and seeking their help in solving the AIVD
19 Jan 2004	Police report made after stabbing attack in metro
station Waterloo plein Amsterdam 11 Oct 2003.
29 Jan 2004 Report delivered at Spong lawyers. They don't let me in, all Ican do is hand it at the door.
2 Feb 2004	called spong lawyers.
5 Feb 2004	called spong lawyers
9 feb 2004	I go to The Hague, feel so intimidated by massive surveillance
that the letter for the Ministry for Internal and Royal affairs is not
delivered ???
18 Feb 2004	Visit Mr. Spong, they don't let me in, later I see Mr. Hammer on his motorcycle, one of office main lawyers, he looks scared at me.
21 Feb 2004	Report given to Mr. Verdaas member of parliament for the PVDA party.
23 Feb 2004	Tried to visit Mr. Spong, they don't let me in.
26 Feb 2004	Called Spong lawyers, nobody had look at my report, I should not visit them.
26 Feb 2004	I make a visit to the Utrecht office of Groen-Links party, my flyer is faxed To the office of Maryke Vos parliamentary for Groen Links.
27 Feb 2004	Letter dated 14 Feb 2004, for the Ministry of Internal Affairs delivered at te office of mayor J. Cohen of Amsterdam to make sure it gets to the right desk.
24 Feb 2004	Visit to The Hague letter ?
28 Feb 2004	Answer from Peter van Dijk parliamentary worker for Maryke Vos Groen Links, involved with security policies: police, justice & secret service.
4 mar 2004	Letter to National Ombudsman, not accepted must go to other procedures first and is probably not applicable.
4 mar 2004	Letter dated 28Feb 2004, personally delivered at Ministry for Internal an Royal affairs.
10 mar 2004	Called Mrs. Stevens worker for VVD party, send my
letter as email to VVD member of parliament Clemens Cornielje. Called
Mr. Lucien Stopler worker for SP party, no he doesn't like to be
informed and will not receive a fax or email. Send my letter as email
to PVDA  member of parliament Bert Koenders. So far (20 march 2005) no
answer, although newspapers report on the many (death-) threats they
receive by Internet.
7 April 2004	Letter from the AIVD, addressing my previous complains,
denying any wrongdoing (they are legally permitted to these acts), and
claiming not to execute these tactics / methods. Therefore claiming my
questions unapplicable to them.
11 may 2004	Send letter to Staal bank / HEMA ATM service about excess client account information on receipt.
13 may 2004	Try to deposit my letter and report at Mr.[ Nicolai 's office,
he isn't there and can't accept my report/letter. Mr. Nicolai is
known for helping Mr. Oltmans in his 40 year case against the AIVD.
6 June 2004	Send a letter again to the Board of directors of VSB bank,
one of the banks that I stole the Cashpoint computer sources from,
expressing my regret and seeking their help in solving the AIVD
6 June 2004	Send a letter to Interpay, the Dutch inter bank payment authority 
expressing my regret over the software theft and seeking their help in solving the AIVD
10 June 2004	Send a letter to NCR World Headquarters, the Cashpoint
manufacturer that I stole the computer sources from expressing my regret and seeking their help in solving the AIVD
9 July 2004	Posted letters and emails again to NCR USA, Interpay and VSB
bank, so far (25 march 2005) they haven't answered these letters.
20 July	Payed old fine (2 DEC 2002) for sleeping along a footpath
under a bridge in Amsterdam, 129 Euro.
25 Aug 2004	Computer Voice Call from NCR International to
+31-6-48255792 because of my emails and letters send to NCR USA, VSB bank and Interpay from Geneve.
21 sep 2004	The Hague, Prinsjesdag, spread my flyer to members of cabinet and parliament, some show "leedvermaak" public consists mostly of secret service members.
18 nov 2004	Try to visxit NL ambassy, very scared reactions, door stay closed, through small open window in door: "call tomorrow" (a fryday). Intimidating surveillance on the street.
18 nov 2004	Missed apointment with Amnesty International Bern.
19 nov 2004	called Dutch ambassy Bern, new voice message, they are
9 march 2005	sought legal advice at Bureau Rechtshulp for how to petition against sanction for
illegal sticking posters, arrested 5 oct 2004. Was send away with the excuse that they
had no expertise in this field, recommended to a expensive commercial bureau,
likely alianced to the Dutch Secret Service AIVD.

Going public:

26 feb 2004	My flyer is spread among Utrecht taxi drivers at the railwaystation.
26 feb 2004	My flyer is delivered at the Rabobank reception for review by the board of directors, head office Utrecht.
27 feb 2004	My flyer distributed among commuters at Central Station Amsterdam.
27 feb 2004	My flyer distributed in front of the Volkskrant / Trouw / Parool
newpaper offices.
5 mar 2004	Distributed my flyer at Telegraaf newspaper office and Sloterdyk Railway station.
3 aug 2004	Spread some 100 english flyers in Basel Switserland.
9 aug 2004	Distributed some 100 flyers in front of UN High Commission Human Rights Geneva office.
12 aug 2004	Spread another 100 flyers in Geneva.
17 aug 2004	Worked on report version 2
18 aug 2004	Spread flyers in Geneve.
20 aug 2004	Refined my flyer, and distibuted.
23 aug 2004	Flyer spread in front of UNHC for Refugees, guards are
trying to send me away, frustrating the process of handing them over to UNHC for Refugees workers and visitors. In the end personel appears to be forbidden to take flyer.
30 aug 2004	Left for Bruxelles
1 sep 2004	Left for Amsterdam
3 sept 2004	Went to Maastricht fo the Euro-Just Ministerial meeting, could not find the location.
3 sept 2004	Spread some 150 flyers around Colognes railwaystation.
4 sept 2004	Spread more flyers in Cologne, a lot of Dutch surveillance.
6 sept 2004	Spread some 150 flyers in Tilburg Railway station a lot of surveillance. 
17 sep 2004	Distributed flyer at Euro Defense Ministerial Meeting in Noordwijk, there are some 40 AIVD afficiados acting as demonstrators.
20 sep 2004	Flyers spread at FNV union demonstation in Rotterdam Coolsingel.
23 sep 2004	Flyer spread in Amsterdam, difficult because of mock crowd.
24 sep 2004	Flyer spread in Amsterdam RAI computer exhebitiuon, Damrak, Nieuwedijk, difficult by mock crowd.
26 sep 2004	Distributing flyers with Banner at Railway station Amsterdam.
27 sep 2004	Distibuted flyers at Arena audience for Andre Hazes say goodby show.
28 sep 2004	Distributed flyers in Utrecht.
2 Oct 2004	Spread some flyers at union FNV 'Keer het tij' demonstration.
5 Oct 2004	Flyers convicted by Amsterdam Police after sticking posters at an apparently
illegal location. Posters and flyers in beslag genomen.
9 oct 2004 spreading flyers in utrecht, bicycle trampled broken in
train by surveillance. Surveillance chef adressed at shopping mall
Hoog Catharyne, very scared panicing reaction.
26 oct 2004	Send away by police from Central Station Amsterdam after spreading flyers.
27 oct 2004	Flyer spread at metro Bijlmer station and Utrecht central station
29 oct 2004	Flyer spread amsterdam and The Hague
30 oct 2004	Flyer spread in The Hague, Dordrecht, Rosendaal Antwerp and Bruxelles.
31 oct 2004	Spreading flyers in Bruxelles.
5 nov 2004	Demonstating in front of Springer verlag & TAS offices in Berlin,
Germany with banner and flyers.
6 nov 2004	Flyer spread in Fulda city center
6 nov 2004	Flyer spread in Mannheim center
18 nov 2004	Send away from Bern railway station, political action in railway station not allowed.
12 - 22 dec 2004     Demonstrated with Banner and flyers in Bruxelles at Place Schuman /
Berlaymont Building. After some succes, very angry reaction and threats by Dutch diplomat.
23 dec - 8 jan 2005	Spreading flyers in London financial district. 


Domestic Remedies are not exhausted but useless nevertheless. Sofar no lawyer
dared to help me. Calls for reactions to the report that I
submitted to them go on hold, nobody had / has time, expertise etc.
Emails, letters, faxes and reports send to parlementarians are left unanswered,
or are claimed to be unapplicable to them. Giving flyers in person to several
parlementarians at Prinsjesdag resulted in rather sadistic laugter and "fun".
Media employee's reacted quite scared to the flyers presented to them, and sofar
nobody ever dared to contact me for an article or interview.


4 Other international procedures

Has the same matter been submitted for examination under another procedure of 
international investigation or settlement (e.g. the Inter-American Commission 
on Human Rights, the European Commission on Human Rights)? If so, when and with 
what results?

Yes, the same matter has been presented to international Human rights
bodies before in a different less up to date form:

12 aug 2004     16:30 Delivered a handwritten raw report in english
(as the original is in Dutch and this is not a workig language of the
committee), recorded at logbook UNHCHR reception's office.
19 aug 2004	Went to UN High Commission for Refugees, spooken to Mrs. Ballon, I can not apply for assyl because of:
	1- friendly nation status
	2- humanitary ground not acknowledged
	3- immediate expelling possible
	4- I am legally allowed to stay and work in Switserland...
24 aug 2004	 My report is missing at UNHCHR, it is apparently not
registred. Calling some employee at UNHCHR reveals "not in database of
petition unit". Later as I handout my flyer in front of UNHCHR office,
guards come to me to send me away, forbid me to stand on the footpath,
send me across the street and finally call police. Send away by police
with the threath of immediate expellation to Holland.
15 nov 2004	Bern, visit to Swiss Foreign Office, (Aussenwarts
Dienst) spoke to Mr. Fridolin Bargetzi:
	1- can not go to docter !
	2- cannot go to lawyer !
	3- no objection to working in Switserland... an empty hand
	considering the kind of stalking and harrasment that I am
	followed by. 
	4- makes fun at my situation
	5- send me away
15 nov Bern, visit to USA ambassy, talk to some marine commando / CIA operative
	1- is Dutch problem
	2- no USA responsability
	3- atm/Software ius a small problem
	4- fun over medical terror
	5- lawyer or docter in Switserla not accesable ? some kind of
	coordination is likely.