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Dutch Cashmachine on Error

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Chip and pin changeover brings chaos at checkout

source: Tuesday, 4 jan 2005 Evening Standard

The whole system of credit / debit card based transactions, is a finely tuned clockwork. This article is just one example of the importance of planning, cooperation and communication between card companies, banks, retailers and consumers.
In the article small business retail organisations complain that the transition from stripe to chip and signature to a pin based credit card system to be very badly timed. In the middle of an very important shopping season, claiming that delays and confusion about payment procedures cost them business. Even banks and bigname retail chains apeared late or incomplete in their addaptation.
From this article we can conclude that a badly timed transition and ill preparation by banks and retailers wasn't the real problem. As the signature continue its validity for some time it is clear that the problems originate from confusion and novelty. So informing the public & instructing sales staf was key to the problem.