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Medical Terror applied by the Netherlands


Inflicting medical harm to the victim tru deliberate infection and sabotage to treatment to the resulting illness and other medical conditions. Thematic and chronological description of medical symptoms and sabotage to its treatment.

Threats: I have been threatened with poisoning a great many times In 1998, 1999, 2003, 2004, mostly unspecific but sometimes with connotations (hints & suggestions) of prostate cancer, veneral diseases or abuse of menthal treatment by submitting Haloperidol.

Skin problems: Around 20 october 1999, while I stayed at a beach hostel Padang Sumatra, Indonesia. After a boattrip, two days before to a nearby island I got sick with an incredible intense and almost unbearable itching that went on for almost a year or so.
Symptoms of the itching:
The itching occured at irregular intervals of time. The worst effected areas where
Arms: mostly in the handpalm and at the etches where soft skin and sole skin integrate, wrists and outside elbows.
legs: like the arms, worst effected areas where the footsoles. outer etches of the foot where soft skin and sole
skin integrate, ankles, outside knees and the whole of the underleg and the hips.
head: no abnormal itching was detected.
Corpus: no itching except for the buttocks, groin and sometimes on the belly.
It appeared that some kind of hard skin pits where growing in the skin of the buttocks.
Two docters where tried, but none came to a diagnosis or a real remedy. As I suspected Scabies, I treated myself with some petroleum ointment from a local drugstore. did gave a helped in so far that the itching became less intense and frequent. The skin pits did not disappear. Reinfection through clothing, shoes, bagback did probably occur a few times. The Thai docter prescribed some 500 mg Doxycycline 3 times a day for some two weeks. His lab testing did not reveal any particular dissease or indication. The skin pits are disappearing now since february 2005.

dates, copies, facts:
1 nov 1999	Dr. S. Subramaniam MBBS (S'pore) MRCP, DIP DERM (UK)
Consultant Dermatologist and Venereologists
Dr. Subras Centre for Skin Diseases:
47M, Jalan Ong Kim Wee,
75300 Malacca, Malaysia 
Hatjay, Thailand

Veneral complains: By mid august 2000 as I lived in Manchester, I discovered that my sperm had changed into a dark substance. The stange thing was that I did not have had sexual intercourse for a long time (last august 12 1999) due to stalking with false rape accusations.
The symptoms did change over time:
The first few times after discovering the complaint, the sperm was an almost black sort of clot, its release was painfull. The the first 5 months the sperm was a dark, brownish gluteneus fluid. Then after an year or so this changed into a tranparant not gluteneus almost watery fluid with a few brown traces through them. After a long time some purple ulcers developed very slowly in the groin area growing from the inside of the body. The skin would break only after strong friction, some ulcers disappeared from itself apparently withhout breaking. A typical ulcer cycle lasted an half year from detection to its complete disappearrance.
The sperm has been normalising since february 2005, now by the end of march 2005 it is gluteaneus again and the color reverts to normal with an occasional hickup.
In october 2000 I visit the veneral dissease department of the Leyenburg hospital in The Hague with this complaint, I am kept separat from the other clients, and the full veneral checkup doesn't reveal anything. As kind of second opinion I join an medicine trail at Pharma Groningen. The amazing result is that I am invited to join the test (so I must be healthy), but at the reception I am revused, the clientlist that I am able to examine states Syf II. No further medical access is possible due to travelling, language barrier and extreme harrasment by intelligence forces. August 2001 lab testing of blood and urine throug my GP gives no clue as to the cause for the symptoms. Despite al this some antibiotic recipies are tried a few times, some of these have no effect at al, others give only a temporary improvement in the respect that color and character improves. I would have visited my GP more often had the surveillance not filled up the waiting room so often. At 18 march 2003 my blood is again examined, this time through the Medical support for the Homeless in Cologne, again this gives no indication as to where the condition comes from. Al that seems conclusive is that i dont have diabetis and that I am somewhat low in Iron. The gradual improvement in sperm quality that I experienced over the months January, February and March is reversed by 26 march 2005. My sperm is a thin watery red brownish extract again.

dates, copies, facts:

veneral research Den Haag
Pharma medical trail test

9:38 / 07-june 2002
ATAL, Stichting Amsterdamse Trombosedienst en Artsenlaboratorium 	
(foundation: Amsterdam trombosis and Medical Laboratory)
T.S. Prins, huisarts	(my G.P.)
Amstelkade 156
1078 AW Amsterdam

8:59 / 23-aug 2002
ATAL, Stichting Amsterdamse Trombosedienst en Artsenlaboratorium 	
(foundation: Amsterdam trombosis and Medical Laboratory)
T.S. Prins, huisarts	(my G.P.)
Amstelkade 156
1078 AW Amsterdam

Kliniken der Stadt Koeln
Krankenhaus Merheim - Zentrallabor
Chefarzt PD Dr. Dr. Keller
Arzt: KKH Gesundheidsamt Mob. med. Vers.
Patient: Schlueter / Sluiter / Schniter, Richard, geb 04-03-1963
Auftrag: 50382778, 60769148 & 60769150 vom 18-mar-2003
Auftrag Nr.

3 april 2003	Prescription of Klacid 500 mg. by my G.P.
3 april 2003	Results obtained from my G.P. from blood & urine
analyse not knowing if this is: 9:38/07-june 2002, 8:59/23-aug-2002 or
a combination of those two. 
11 april 2003	Prescription of Doxycyclid 100 mg by my G.P.
4 aug 2003	Consult to a new G.P. for veneral complaints,
resulting in repeated blood and urine testing leading to no proper diagnosis.
3 nov 2003   Consult with a new G.P., Augmentin 625 mg
prescription. Redered useless due to placebo.

First I discovered a purple ulcer growing in the inside of my right thy that I didn't think of much then (end of 2003) and it disappeared after some time (two weaks or so). Then (31 dec 2003), I saw a new ulcer almost at the same spot and inspection learned that the previous ulcer could still be felt in the skin as a hard knot. This made me curiuos if this may be a symptom connected to the other mentioned complains I am dealing with. Then I found some more hard knots in my neck, and swollen talg ... on my elbows and I started thinking of some kind of parasite. The ulcer in the thy had by 14 feb 04 changed in a hard knot that never had broken the skin. This hard knot could then be felt in the skin for many following months. By now, 20 march 05, these ulcers have disappeared, no knots can be felt and left no scars.
Then by 29 march 04 an open ulcer was found under my watch on the right wrist. The remaining brown fluid was squeezed out and the cleaned watch changed to the leftside. By 5 april this ulcer had disappearred, leaving a hard knot. By the estimated date of 8 may 04 new ulcers, approx. 7, emerged at the same spot at right wrist, some of these where leaking too but now some greenish fluid. By 11 July the ulcers on the right wrist disappeared again, leaving many knots in the skin. These hard knots disappeared almost completely, can no longer be felt but left clear scars.
27 August 04, I see a docter on tropical medicine in Geneve, they think ulcers, knots and hard knots in skin at my bottom are the symptoms of some underlying medical condition. A written diagnosis is withheld, they will mail it to my postoffice box but I never recieved anything. Looking at the bill it seems they tried to make it as expensive as possible without providing any help. Which find its explanation in the really massive surveillance I am under.

Hopital Cantonal, 
Hopitaux Universitaire de Geneve, 
Unite de Medecine des Voyages et des Migrations, 
Departement de Medecine Communautaire - HUG
25, rue Micheli-du-Crest - 1211 Geneve 14

Access to the Policlinique dermatologie et de venereologie is refused, by making trouble about a: refusing my insurance card and b: a steep entrance fee. Anyway the waitingroom and reception is full of surveillance personnel. Since then no new ulcers developed (20 march 2005). Not knowing if the cause has stopped or that it is suppressed.

Burn treatment:
In december 2002, I was staying at the building site of my brothers house in Lixhe, Belgium. After a fire that I escaped with second degree burns and that destoyed the house, 4 Dec 2002 a lot of strange things happend. first during assistence from the local fire department some officials tried to prevent me from cooling my burns by continuous and repeatedly calling me outside for name and address detailles. Witch I at last, had given a 7 times to the same 2 or three officials. Around the corner of the block some 4 to 5 other fire and police cars where waiting, although it was a small fire.
Although the burns where small, part of both hands and forehead, I was forced to take an ambulance to the village hospital a mere 3 kilometers away. In the hospital there appeared to be several nurses waiting for mee. At first these four / five nurses where very reluctant to do anything, they took my name and insurance data again and simply kept me waiting for some 15 minutes. They say very little to me or each other and then in French with a soft voice, then they order me to liedown on a bed with the four/five nurses standing around me, one takes a brown bottle from a shelf examines the etiket with one collegue and then poured its content, witch looks like water, over my hand while the other nurses stood really close around my bed and apparently ready for action (as to hold me down) and very carefully watched my reactions. I got suspicious due to this strange behaviour and wanted to sit on the bed witch was allowed. At the same time my fingers on the poured hand stroke each other as to feel what had happened to my hand. The skin feels very slippery and slimy, due to my education in foodtechnology and laboratory experience I realize immediately that they poured an strong alcalic fluid over my hand (probably 0.1 N NaOH). I am shocked that they do this and are afraid that they will do more harm to me, but as soon as they see my reaction they disappear from the room and I don't see them again. I walk out of the room with one nurse behind me as to wash the poured hand and cool the other burns. As the nurse understands what I want she takes me by elevator to the second floor where the menthal/geriatric department resides and wants me to take a shower, where she leaves me alone. I undress, but there is no towel, a sign on the doors inside reads something abouth a 37 - 42 degrees Celcius shower, there is very little water. So I dress myself again and go downstairs again where I find a mens lavatory where I wash my hands and face extensively with cold water. Then my brother arrives with a friendly nurse and after some chitchat we leave the place with a plastic bag full of bandages. It is hard to explain my brother what happened in the hospital and how the fire started. The next day (saturday) 5 december, my brother and I visit his GP to have a look at the burns. The skin on my hands looks like a balloon so swollen, the GP punctures the skin at some places as to drain the fluid.from my hands. The burns in my face feel very tight but arent swollen. I get some new bandage for my hands and cream for my face. The next sunday I leave my brothers place due to strained family relations and walk to Aachen in Germany, from witch I take a train to Cologne. The next monday (7 december) I go to the emergency of an Cologne hospital, here nurses are a bit shocked as to the pale white foamy structure of my burned skin on my hands, they say the skin has been extracted, witch naturally matches with the application of the alkalic fluid to the burned skin. They cut some loose skin off, then the following two weeks I am helped by the Medical Support for the Homeless in Cologne.

dates, copies, facts:

4 dec 2002     Medical treatment at Lixhe Hospital
5 dec 2002     GP treatment for II degree burns Limburg, Netherlands
6 dec 2002     Treatment for II degree burns Hospital Cologne, Germany
7-29 dec 2002  Burn treatment Mob. Med Vers. Cologne Germany
x apr 2003       Letter to my health insurance "Zilveren Kruis Achmea", explaining what
happened and complaining about medical treatment in Lixhe (Haccourt) Hospital.

At several occasions I descovered that I had been unconsious, sometimes for a long time so that I misses a day in my calendar, some times just for a few minutes.
As I am getting unconsious it is difficult to retain what is happening/felt at that particular moment, before and immediately after. Sometimes when I am reading a newspaper I notice that reading some small article of about 150 words is just an herculean task. I lose sense of time, it takes me an exceptional 50 minutes. I cant remember what the article is about that i am just reading. The sentence just reading at that moment has no meaning and makes no sence at al. Sometimes I feel something in my backhead, somewhat similar to the experience when putting an 9v (volt) battery to my tongue. More often it is much more subtle, a feeling of something thightening in the back of my head, losing concentration. I can try to fight this feeling and try to remain consious, to some success. In the past I also encountered some occasions where I had been unconsious for a longer time. Somethimes I woke up in the middle of such unconsiousness where I felt groggy (very deep sleepyness, numb, zombylike). Also when the experience was over I felt for a longer time a certain groggyness as if i where under the influence of some substance.

1 The first time that I noticed these artificial long unconsiousness was in Hat-Jay, Thailand. I stay here for several months at the same hostel, I go to the docter and write on my shopping website. Surveillance is tense, they break several times in in my room. The scabies returns for a couple of weeks. And I wake up at an late thursday morning thinking it is an wednesday.

2 A second time occured in Manchester, before I got the veneral complain. I wake up at an Saturday or Friday where i expect an normal working Thursday weekday feeling cloudie and drugged, The radio, the newspapers they are all liing to me. It is a very strange experience as to the normal routine and expectation as to how things go is broken.

3 A Third time occurred while staying in Hamburg some years ago, weather was cold and I needed an shower, so I stayed in Pik-As an famous Homeless Shelter in Hamburg Germany. As I go to sleep I notice something suspicious to my 2 roommates, but I don't expect anything bad to happen anymore after such a long time of surveillance and harasment, killing me now after such a long time wouldn't make sence?. But I got heavily drugged from witch I woke up to pee only. After witch I slept a day and a night, so plenty of time to search my luggage for the software, question me, and to infect me or to tag me with some device. Short artificial unconsiousness has occured many times after that, and is used to swap medicines, prevent me from listening to the news, steal my time etc etc.

4 A fourth was in Bruxelles, Tuesday 21 dec 2004, at a homeless nightshelter, near "Gare du Midi" so I went back and asked if I could stay again (the umbrella was lost) I was allowed in after some calls. Around 1:30 h I find myself in bed, the room laid out with 5 beds is normally reserved for the sick and handicapped. Suddenly I wake up, their is some light from the open door 3 persons are just entering the room and climb back into their beds they murmel a bit, 1 or 2 are about to leave the sleeping rooming. I can see their dark shadows moving towards the door, so its a kind of busy in the dark. I don't feel very well, my arms appear dead, they lie over my chesst completely numb, heavy as made from concrete. The skin on my gland is jerking back into position, what is going on here with me... "C'est une Tornure" says my neighbour who is breathing through a noisy machine. I feel a lot of pain in my right flank near my kidney's, strong peristaltic reflexes at this spot are pulling all muscle in my membrane ??? together as if they try to push something out of my intestines. The pain is at times very tense, is around 3 'o clock, I see the opening in the curtain right behind my head has moved towards my feet, I feel cold. Its very quite now, everybody is in bed, I feel some kind of electro shock at my membrane that makes me knick. This feeling comes back several times in the following days, and the pain last for weeks, how happy I am with my short clumsey trolley that carries my backpack.

To get an idea these short moments of unconsiousness can be described as: I am sitting somewhere, and trying to concentrate on my reading or writing, this is somehow getting really hard and while I try to stay focussed a feeling as if I put my tongue to a 9v batterie is sometimes felt where my spine enters the brain. Then, as I lost the struggle (nearly always) I kind of wake up again, the newspaper didn't fall from my hand, my body is still in the same position as before, and then I try reading again, but has to recapture as all reading lost its meaning starting that sentence again and again, or even the whole article. Or feeling disoriented, what did I want to do with this?, what is there at the table what do I have here? What time is it actually? WHAT.... did I spent this much time at...

Some examples from everyday life:
14 july 2004	Bought some antibiotic.
15 july	2004	Two attemted attacks around Daniel Meyer plein
Amsterdam. Antibiotic stolen while unconsious for some 20 minutes at
HEMA Kalvertoren parterre terrace. Wake up with tremmbling hart, sweating
feeling exhausted.
14 aug 2004	By train to Lyon France, old lady 2 seats from me demonstrates secretly smiling her power over 
me to young man (American) at other side of coach using` her phone. I am rading and wa	tching them, I cant 
help it but a mere two minutes later I wake up while they are laughingh, feeling disoriented, trying to read on. 

Muscle/skeletal problems: Sudden strong electrical pain in elbow or knee. Impossible to use arm at full strength, feels like a blocked nerve, electrical current. Knee blocks for days without any cause.

Pain in kidney:
11 jan- 14 jan 2004	Painfull left kidney area
18 feb - 22 feb 2004	Painfull pressure on kidney area and sometimes feeling cold
29 feb 2004	Feeling very cold
1 mar 2004	Feeling very cold
5 mar 2004	Woke up in cold body
31 aug 2004	Woke up very cold
2 - 4 sep 2004	Pain in left kidney area when stretchng or under pressure
9 sep 2004	Pain in left kidney area when sudden movement, stretchng or when under pressure
12 sep 2004	Pain in left kidney area

Hartrate problems:
Hartrate trouble was very common in 2004, as it is now in the beginning of 2005 (28 march 2005). The hart rate trouble started probably by the summer of 2002 or 2003. At infrequent intervals I would suffer from strange sensations that kept changing in nature. Mostly after describing the problem to somebody or writing about it on my laptop or when a docter had a look. Later I bought a digital hartrate meter to trap the distortions as they happen. The distortions must have an artificial cause, as they are timed in a strange deliberate way. Some distortions lasting for no more than 2 minutes, suddenly stopping when I make light, or just for the time the train I travel in passes a tunnel (march 2004). So far the measurements haven't provided a clue as to what is going on. In all the previous years I never suffered from any hartrate distortion, while I lived under greater, more demanding physical and or menthal stress, like walking for month's with a double backpack of some 25 kilo or more or being stalked and harrassed by a mob under almost constant threat of an attack.

The first hartrate distortion happened one sunday morning in the summer of 2002 ???. I slept in a park on a bench in a rosary (I am homeless), surveillance walked by as I turned over for an extra nap. Then I saw an older lady passing by with a hand in her pocket, giving me a nasty smile while at the same moment I felt a terrible sting in my hart that made me sit upright. Since then I have felt the sting a couple of times more. Mostly at occasions where I was campaining against the abusive AIVD treatment I am under, or surveillance was thinking that I had some action in mind.

I recognize several distinct fases in the hartrate distortions:

Fase I, A very fast pulsating hartbeat, regular but very disturbing since I am menthally and physically completely at rest. Mostly occurring at evenings, in the middle of the night or in the morning. Waking up wondering what is going on, what made my hart beat with such an fast and strong pulsating and regular pace as if I had to run the marathon. These infrequent distortions went on for a year or so.

Fase II, A fast pulsating hartbeat, that is even more disturbing because the pace is irregular. Missing beats, in between beats, sudden extra quick beats (sprinting). These distortions occured too while at rest in the evenings, nights or mornings. Measurements in this fase revealed high sometimes swanking bloodpressure levels when sampled continuously and sometimes an illogical high pace.

Fase III Feeling very uncomfortable, pace seems normal but is powerfull pulsating, sometimes timed as if to squeeze hart in between beats. Values from measurements appear normal, but a trembling or doubble pace can be felt in the chest. As if one side of the hart is beating at a much shorter time interval (so a lot quicker) than the other half. Waking up feeling very tired to exhausted, incapable of anything during the subsequent day. Somethimes feeling a sting i my chest or at the hart. Mostly occurring at night but during the day as well. This is the fase that is mostly covered by the measurements of 2004, I just recently appear to have left this Fase to Fase IV.

Fase IV Feeling very uncomfortable, while pulseforce is low, pace appears normal in measurements, but a trembling can be felt in the chest. Sometimes feeling very tired but not so exhausted as of april 2004. This is the fase that I am in now by approximately the end of 2004.

dates, copies, facts:
18 sep 2003    De Heel, Zaans medical center hartrate distortion.
16 apr 2004    Isala Clinics emergency unit for hartrate distortion
complains. 4 hart films made, 2 recovered a third presented as mine witch is not.
7 oct 2004   Strange hart sensation, went to VU Emergency Unit for check up. Get no help, secret service personel 
in plain clothes is hanging around at receptrion, waiting room and treatment rooms. Have a brawl wih one of them that 
is laughing at me, all male personel jumping on me and threaten to inject me waiting for sign from secret service 
man. Get away unharmed.

2004 Hart rate figures:

1 jan 2004	Sleeping	24:07	117/69/72
5 jan 2004	Sleeping	3:16	106/75/71
13 feb 2004	At night pulsating hartbeat, normal values, 127-120/69-73/60-82. 
			During the day although decreased values 106/64/68
15 feb 2004	Feeling very uncomfortable by hartrate distortions, but normal values
	3:00	120/65/73
	3:24	106/68/64
	5:16	121/60/75
	9:53	127/82/69
19 feb 2004	Sleeping 1:14 120/73/62 again strange uncomfortable pulsating heartbeat 

20 feb 2004	Sleeping 1:30 120/73/62 painfull hartcramp in chest, 
			very hard ritmic pulse trembling hartbeat, can't measure properly.
22 feb 2004	Abnormal hartbeat cant measure xnormal figures.
23 feb 2004	Distorted ritm again

3 mar 2004	21:00 Hart at double speed, at the same time I feel cold from the inside.
9 mar 2004	Sleeping hartrate distortion at 3:50 in the morning, normal figures, irregular pulse. 
			Next morning making 400 fotocopies, feeling suddenly very dizzy, lightheadedness, irregular pulse.
13 mar 2004	Woke up due to irregular pulse
	2:40	109/64/60
	2:42	101/62/57
	5:01	122/72/60
25 mar 2004	Woke up due to irregular pulse
	2:46	126/116/93	These values are much to high for me when sleeping
	2:47	127/82/82
	3:14	145/83/84
	3:17	146/82/75
2 apr 2004	Hart rate distortion early morning
	5:43	127/81/73	high bloodpressure to wake up with
	6:31	142/73/71
4 apr 2004	Can't sleep due to high pressure/strong pulse
	4:23	190/98/66
	5:05	163/92/73
	9:40	141/91/78
5 apr 2004	During the day irregular pulse, normal values.
6 apr 2004	During the day irregular pulse.
7 apr 2004	Woke up by irregular and strong pulse
	1:41	122/64/62
	2:12	171/98/60
	2:13	167/96/69
	3:31	139/77/57
8 apr 2004	Woke up by irregular pulse
	3:51	107/37/70
	3:55	112/77/66
9 apr 2004	Daytime irregular pulse
	13:51	145/98/90
	14:04	94/60/69
	21:11	111/75/85
10 apr 2004	Woke up by irregular pulsating beat, feeling tired during the day.
	20:26	111/83/53
	4:41	111/80/62
	4:56	206/109/76
	5:13	165/98/76
	9:36	145/98/63
12 apr 2004	Feeling cold, then feeling a distorted pulse
	4:27	145/96/62
	4:35	149/98/68
15 apr 2004	Feeling exhausted, hart beats very fast but with a weak pulse. 
			Hart can be felt as an hard apple in the chest.
	13:21	143/136/98
	13:22	122/75/98
	14:18	147/94/84
	16:22	97/60/62
	22:47	99/60/81
	22:47	145/94/86
	22:49	93/62/85
	24:00	99/61/97
21 apr 2004	Pain in chest feeling drained.
22 apr 2004	Pain in chest and feeling very tired / exhausted.
23 apr 2004	Very strong pain in chest and very tired and exhausted.
24 apr 2004	Strong pain in chest at wake up, decreasing during the day.
25 apr 2004	Some pain in chest at wake up, dizzy when cycling slowly in the afternoon.
	0:50	115/71/78	 is high for me while sleeping
	1:14	133/67/88
	2:12	133/76/99
	5:01	130/65/73
	5:02	133/71/75
		143/97/87	afternoon
,		141/85/86
		144/83/83	evening
26 apr 2004	Distorted rate measured without recording time.
27 apr 2004	And again
	2:06	126/76/62
	2:33	133/84/65
	2:34	135/98/66
	2:35	133/96/62
	2:58	140/81/68
28 apr 2004	Wake up very strange, dizzy as if from coma, hart seems to be just rerstarting 
			Later during the day feeling exhausted after a little bit of cycling or walking upstairs
			1 meter as I experienced several days before this day.
	2:13	147/93/76
	10:16	137/82/81
	18:07	145/87/93
	24:38	129/82/88
29 apr 2004	Hartrate distorted feeling very misserably
30 apr 2004	Hartrate distorted normal values
	2:04	143/80/81
	2:05	149/82/69
	2:06	133/85/71
	2:07	137/83/68
	2:09	139/83/73
	2:13	133/83/71
1 may 2004	HRST now also during the day, feeling sick
	11:24	136/83/84
	12:01	149/85/77
	12:35	135/89/80
2 may 2004	HRST
	2:41	141/87/84
	2:41	133/97/84
	2:42	130/71/85
	2:42	140/77/82
	2:43	147/81/81
4 may 2004	HRST
	3:33	124/69/66
	3:35	117/76/69
	3:58	149/86/70
	3:59	134/74/69
6 may 2004	Hart rate distortion, pain in chest when cycling at a very relaxed pace, first right top, then whole top chest.
7 may 2004	Hart rate distortion at night. In the afternoon pain in chest at very small "inspanning???" like bending 
			forward, picking something up from the floor. 18:30 pain over, sudden improvement, relief feeling 
			fantastic. 19:00 Tired and exhausted feeling in chest is back.
	1:02	121/77/78
	4:01	130/75/78
	4:02	138/75/76
	4:02	131/96/76
	4:03	126/76/74
9 may 2004	Vvery tired feeling in my chest
10 may 2004	Very tired feeling in my chest
11 may 2004	Tired exhausted feeling in chest, normal values
	12:09	127/83/80
	12:10	117/82/84
	12:11	107/83/90
	12:45	98/60/65
12 may 2004	Very strong irregular pulse hartpulsations
14 may 2004	Hart feels much better now but later chestpain comes back, tired feeling in chest, 
			Unconsious for a while.
15 may 2004	Hart is oke except at 14:00, loosing consiousness several times while I try to read, 
			take a nap in the afternoon, pain in joints and hands.
	11:18	121/83/78
	11:19	150/98/80
	11:20	109/82/83
	11:20	115/82/73
	11:21	107/83/80
	12:01	101/62/81
	12:02	114/76/80
	12:02	108/77/80
	12:03	117/73/78
16 may 2004	Feeling fantastic, slept well, not feeling tired in chest or ritmic distortioins.
17 may 2004	Dizzy wakeup pain in joints of hands
18 may 2004	Dizzy wakeup pain in joints of hands
19 may 2004	Wake up with a colosal headache
	24:00	136/91/72
	24:01	138/93/73
	24:02	136/83/71
	7:09	135/92/86
	7:09	149/97/86
	7:10	139/85/78
20 may 2004	24:00 Strange pulsating hartbeat
3 jun 2004	Pain in chest
4 jun 2004	Pain in chest
5 jun 2004	Pain in chest
29 jun 2004	Feeling exhausted, very weak incapable of any kind of action
5 jul 2004	Dizzy wakeup
15 jul 2004
31 jul 2004	Slept in train Mannheim - Basel wokeup dizzy and sweaty
1 aug 2004	Very dizzy 10:15	144/94/66
2 aug 2004	Fell unconsious 9:00 - 12:00, woke up very dizzy and sweating.
5 aug 2004	Feeling very fit, fantastic apparerntly some of the surveillance crew can't use his mobile phone 
		while sittin next to me in an internetcafe.
6 aug 2004	Woke up again feeling fantastic active, no dizzyness, not losing consiousness.
7 aug 2004	Can't sleep in Hostel, tired hart problem, losing conciousness again.
8 aug 2004	The typical tiredness in chest is back
10 aug 2004	8:30 Woke up tired and dizzy after falling asleap again at 6:30
14 aug 2004
17 aug 2004	Felt very tired and axhausted during most of the day.
4 sep 2004	Tried reading newspaper 11:00 13:00 losing consiousness all the time, can't read, 
			cant keep track of meaning and contents.
7 sep 2004	Feeling fantastic
8 sep 2004	Feeling fantastic
11 sep 2004	Feeling a strong headache whole day.
25 sep 2004	Suddenly at 2:00 at night woke up with a trembling hart during one minute
28 sep 2004	Headache for several hours, by high bloodpressure and extreme pulsating hartbeat.
29 sep 2004	At night, 2:00 I wakeup by strange rythmic pulsating hartbeat I try to sample but it stops immediately 
			as I get up. Normal values 100/80/58. This is normal for my body when at sleep.
3 oct 2004	At night very heavy hart rate distortion
7 oct 2004	Strange hart sensation, went to VU Emergency Unit for check up. Get no help, secret service personel 
		in plain clothes is hanging around at receptrion, waiting room and treatment rooms. Have a brawl wih 
		one of them that is laughing at me, all male personel jumping on me and threaten to inject me waiting 
		for sign from secret service man. Get away unharmed.
7 nov 2004	Comalike sleep
11 nov 2004	Hart rate distortion comes back
12 nov 2004	Hartrate distortion losing consiousness
13 nov 2004	Daytime hartrate distortion.
14 nov 2004	Daytime/evening hart rate distortion, losing consiousness reading 1 article i one hour.
16 nov 2004	Feeling exhausted, losing consiousness for short moments all thed time between 15:00 - 19:00. In 
			capable of reading even a single sentence. Hartbeat playaround, extra stong hartsqueeze 
			"up" - "down", "up" - "down"
17 nov 2004	Watching film in Bern then suddenly film is over, i missed the middle part due to unconsiousness.
18 nov 2004	Slept in library, strange hartbeat cab detect pulsating in big vein in my back, aorta? 
21 nov 2004 Comateuse sleep in afternoon in train from Milano to Veneto.
23 nov 2004	Lose consiousness in train, from Croat border to Beograd, train is empty and must have been at the 
			qay for at least an hour with me in it, approx 70 Euro stolen from me ???.
24 nov 2004	Severe hart rate distortion at night.
25 nov 2004	Severe hart rate distortion while doing a nap and at night.
2 dec 2004	Strong hartrate distotions at night 23":00 - 24:00, tired during the day.
3 dec 2004	Went to my GP with veneral and skin complaints, he refuses  to prescribe any more antibiotics. 
		Gives something for scabies, and letter for Urologist (wrong specialist I would say).
4 dec 2004	12:00 Afternoon broad felt sting in my chest, at the lower end of chestbone.
7 dec 2004	I am awake whole night and feel oke, sleep a couple of hours
in the early morning and then wake up exhausted, shaken.
8 dec 2004	Hartrate distortion again
9 dec 2004	I am awake whole night and feel oke, then fall unconsious for
20 minutes in Burger King restaurant, sleep a couple of hours at Gulliver Homeless Center (Cologne) 
		wake up dizzy and sweathy feeling tired.
23 dec 2004	Lost consiousness several times. Hart rate distortions feeling tired, cold etc. 
24 dec 2004
25 dec 2004