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Dutch Intelligence provoked Cashpoint Corruption


The Dutch AIVD (General Intelligence and Security Service) is corrupt. Serving the interests of befriended politicians, American Business and itself goes before National interests. Resulting in the frequent provocation of ordinary civilians and the violation of Human Rights.

I am one of these provoked civilians

How the observation Terror started:
About 1986/7 a girl from my Polytechnic, the Friesian College of Agriculture and Food Technology was caught for shoplifting, she threatened with secret service (AIVD) involvement causing hatred in school to such a level that a delegation from the AIVD and her uncle Mr. Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, member of parliament for the Dutch Christian Democrats (CDA) came to school. There in a narrow corridor working on the copier I had an argument with them as they angrily kicked my bag. A small minute event long forgotten but after graduation (1991) and some 400 applications later with sometimes weird remarks about secret service involvement from prospect employers I was still out of work.

How the stalking Terror started:
From 1989 to 1995 I was befriended with Adamien van Noort, not knowing that she was that very shopliftster, convicted by 1990, niece to my NCR boss and probably from a intelligence employed family. She claimed at a time that I raped her during our holiday in winter 1992/1993 in Turkey, but that was an evil scam she employed for fun to several of her friends... During her College introduction in 1986 and during a traineeship in 1988 she claimed to be raped too, she didnít go to police or embassy but used her AIVD connections. Then she helped me, I stayed at her house and had a proper but temporary job. And so I have been harassed with false accusations of rape since 1993, that to my relief stopped some time before I started working for NCR.

The Cashpoint corruption:
In 1997 I was asked to switch to FTR where I had applied before, as I refused my current job got terminated. So by 1998 I ended nevertheless up with FTR. I got a security clearance to work as a maintenance programmer in the Secure Software Development Team at NCR's Cashpoint department in Amsterdam. FTR started as NCR's body shop and most of its management positions where filled with (ex-) NCR managers. I was openly harassed in this new job as if I where a sexual offender by colleagues and management (NCR: Juke Gouw Ir. ex-Logica, Jan van Noort & FTR: Juke Gouw, Arnold Janssen ex-Marechaussee), the situation became so desperate that I stole the sourcecodes for the VSB (FORTIS) and Rabobank Cashpoint systems. For revenge and in the expectation that an escalation would lead to a judicial solution for the horrendous stalking terror, intimidations and provocations in private life and at work. Amazing is that I was transferred a few weeks later to the Postbank HomeChipper project (a chipcard based purse) at NCR. At this time I witnessed how this project was stolen by FTR personnel (FTR: Juke Gouw, Arnold Janssen & Mark van der Geijn) in order to develop their own extracted applications Then after a lot of trouble I found a job with The Mindworks Group in Munich Germany by 1999/2000. The manager's wife (Mrs. Chaudhuri) is an attorney with Siemens that makes Cash machines as well, but they opposed talking to Siemens about the software theft. I was chased out of Holland with the sourcecode to the Peoples republic of China, Thailand, Indonesia, Poland, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria etc., a witch hunt with such variations as stalking with the rape of children and seniors, my passport was never revoked. It cant be guaranteed that the sourcecodes haven't been stolen at some point in these travels, exposing magnetic stripe formats, network protocols, encryption key handling and NCR machine control and protection routines.

The Social & medical Terror:
The stalking terror made me unemployed and homeless. And now I live as a pariah on the streets since august 2000 after many years of stalking terror with such accusations as of the rape of children and seniors. I was deliberately infected by 1999 with scabies in an attempt to intimidate and silence me. Becoming infected by 2000 with a veneral disease was quite surprising as sexual contacts have been impossible for many years due to the stalking. Medical care was denied or sabotaged by pressure to doctors. I am healthy according to (falsified) laboratory reports despite the ulcers, the xxxx xxxx and dark urine. I tried a medicine trail by 2001 as a second opinion but got kicked out because of syphilis II. Still my GP Dr. Prins from Amsterdam wants to give me an incomplete antibiotic as to instill drug-resistence. Later medicine thefts and swaps with placebo broke off treatment with a quick recurrence of the symptoms. Visits to hospitals in Germany and Switserland where sabotaged. Threats and intimidations with poisoning, violence and diseases etc. continue to this day consisting of several stabbings, attempted car accidents and threats with prostate cancer, Haloperidol and new infections. I was several times drugged after witch I experienced apparent controlled heartrate distortions and moments of unconsciousness. Holland is violating Human Rights by psycho terror through stalking with false accusations of rape, the deliberated infections and multi year sabotage of medical treatment must be classified as torture according to several Human Rights conventions. My report delivered personally of 9 Aug. 2004 at the High Commission on Human Rights in Geneve went missing and appeared not registered.

This was a deliberate and extensively planned provocation that started with stalking in 1986. Politics, business and intelligence came together at the cost of the integrity of the Secret Service and Cashpoint systemsecurity. But with great commercial and political success. The massive Cashpoint upgrade in the Netherlands, through new hardware, new service contracts and of course increased antifraud monitoring services have enlarged NCR's provits at the cost of Dutch Banks. The international witch hunt helped mr. Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, ex Foreign Affairs Minister to become todays NATO chairman.

Contact: only direct contact seems possible
Adress: Richard J. M. Sluiter, PObox 398, 1520AJ Wormerveer, The Netherlands,

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