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Dutch Cashmachine on Error



Chip and pin changeover brings chaos at checkout

source: Tuesday, 4 jan 2005 Evening Standard
The whole system of credit / debit card based transactions, is a finely tuned clockwork.This article is just one example of the importance of planning, cooperation and communication between card companies, banks, retailers and consumers.
In the article small business retail organisations complain that the transition from stripe to chip and signature to a pin based credit card system to be very badly timed. In the middle of an very important shopping season, claiming that delays and confusion about payment procedures cost them business. Even banks and bigname retail chains apeared late or incomplete in their addaptation.
From this article we can conclude that a badly timed transition and ill preparation by banks and retailers wasn't the real problem. As the signature continue its validity for some time it is clear that the problems originate from confusion and novelty. So informing the public & instructing sales staf was key to the problem.


Flyer Campaign

Fall: 2004, Bruxecelles/London
  • Sunday 2 jan London
    Made some diagrams
    on the issue of: harrasment/stalking/provocation
    on the issue of: Dutch Integrity Scan by Systematic Stalking
  • Saturday 1 jan 2005 London
    Had a good sleep on the roof of a carpark between highrises. Walked around for hours, a bit cold. At 16:00 h slept at some bettingjoint, dried from the rain. Rotten is, my backpack was moved, and this artificial coma like sleep doesnt do any good. A lot of rain now, need a dry sleepingplace.
  • Friday 24 - Friday 31 dec 2005 London
    I stay a couple of days at the crisis, a temporary X-mas shelter for homeless people, nice food and amusement; video's, music performances Internet and services like massage, haircut etc. But almost no (real) homeless people here, after a row and some fights the drunkarts leave and the pleace is completely taken over by the mob, at stages there are more volunteers than clients.
  • Thursday 23 dec 2004 London
    Arrival, it feels very quite although there are a lot of people hanging around at the arrival gates. I leave the compound quickly, it is 6:+ hour in the morning, local time, so really ideal to get ready to spread my flyer among the commuters. I walk to the Victoria subway station, It is already very busy here with commuters and some shops are open. But its not right, its a mob, and not a normal crowd. I take a dayticket and get to some other station, I dont know this gigantic city but I see how easy the mob moves with me to the new station, I drink a coffee, yuck English coffee! then tube to a park, to remove the long underwear, its much warmer here than in Bruxelles. Later research at a busy day shows a mobsize of some 1500 people. Impressive.
  • Wednesday 22 dec 2004 Bruxelles
    With the 22:45 h Eurolines coach to London, 80 Euro retour. Slept artificially until shortly before the bus arrived at the port of Dunquerkce ???, then again from Dover to London. They wake me up some time before passport controll, boarding the ferry and arrival of Victoria Coach station. I didn't mind as I had planned a good sleep. But they used it to steal from my daypack, my blue canvas banner annex bicyclebag/sleepingbag was gone on arrival. Before, I think before passport controll in France I saw this typical blue color on board of the bus (they kind of showed it to me, I remember), but I didn't pay much attention to it then.
  • Tuesday 21 dec 2004 Bruxelles
    My flyer "Cashpoint Corruption"wais spreading quite well, when I consider that I am alone and the size of the mob is really gigantic (several hundreds). In the early evening I reward myself and go to the movies, I see "Banlieu 13", then only by chance I walk into a faction of the mob and see a performance by "Zita Swoon", they like good pop music too. Because of a weather change I noticed that I left my umbrella behind at a homeless nightshelter, near "Gare du Midi" so I went back and asked if I could stay again as well (the umbrella was lost) I was allowed in after some calls. Around 1:30 h I find myself in bed, the room laidout with 5 beds is normally reserved for the sick and handicapped. Suddenly I wake up, their is some light from the open door 3 persons are just entering the room and climb back into their beds they murmel a bit, 1 or 2 are about to leave the sleeping rooming. I can see their dark shadows moving towards the door, so its a kind of busy in the dark. I don't feel very well, my arms appear dead, they lie over my chesst completely numb, heavy as made from concrete. The skin on my gland is jerking back into position, what is going on here with me... "C'est une Tornure" says my neighbour who is breathing through a noisy machine. I feel a lot of pain in my right flank near my kidney's, strong peristaltic reflexes at this spot are pulling all muscle in my ??? membrane together as if they try to push something out intestines. The pain is at times very tense, is around 3 'o clock, I see the opening in the curtain right behind my head has moved towards my feet, i feel cold. Its very quite now, everybody is in bed, I feel some kind of electro shock at my membrane that makes me knick. This feeling comes back several times in the following days, and the pain last for weeks, how happy I am with my short clumsey trolley.
  • Monday 20 dec 2004 Bruxelles
    On my way to a shower, I start crossing the road at a zebra ??? near Bourse (Bruxelles) I join the crowd and start walking the light just went green. As I look to my righthand side, a fist shoots out just in front of my face, barely missing. I see an older, slender lady, approx. an 45 to 55 years old, pretending to check the time on her watch. I say in Dutch: "Better watch out, something may happen". How weird I think "a lady of that age attacking me?, like that on a public road, but what if it escalates?" We are only 1 or 2 metres from the sidewalk, but the lady seems surprised/shocked, turns and walks back to disappear in the crowd.
    Then there is another apparent attack: somewhat later ± 20:30 h when I am returning from a laundrette and coming from a dark alleyway into the mainstreet "Rue de Stalingrad". I pass my favorite Internetcafe and look right into the shop to see if I can greet the friendly staff but they are busy. But I do notice (hear a sound) that there is somebody behind me, very close. Now I turn my head left and see an African, just a meter or so from me, he is an 25 years old and of the same length and posture of me, he is pulling something from a folded magazine that he carries in his left hand at the height of my upperleft arm some 20 to 30 cm. from me. He knows that I have seen him and he passes me walking fast. I didn't see what was in the magazin and I don't know what he had in mind but to me it seems as if he had the intention to stab me in the arm with a knife that he kept in the magazin. I continue and go to the Quick restaurant, a big African enters with his wife, as we are seated he looks at me as if he knows that I escaped some disaster and he would enjoy that to happen to me.