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There is a lot more to tell but I am a slow writer, and it is a lot of work. As it takes to much time and keeps people waiting to long, I have decided to go online anyway.

So what is here:

In the section Warnings I try to help those who have to deal with the surveillance that surrounds me. See the point Agenda in Cashpoint as well I am sorry to say this but people are so naiive and ignorant regarding the real agenda and actions of the state and its organs. That its almost criminal...

In the Cashpoint section you will find i Dutch my personal story of being an AIVD subject for the last 20 years or so. It is in Dutch and unfinished. I do need to rewrite all sections after cashpoint, the moment the software was stolen.
The english version is in a very rough format and is the same as the Dutch version but the tedious things from harassment and stalking is left out to keep it more compact (smaller). It is very unfinished in that I translated large parts from Dutch by using the online Babelfish engine. So this is not a real proper translation. it is a huge work to translate all this stuff. The objective is to take the English part to Geneva. Dutch is not a working language of the Human Rights Committee, and i dont trust them to translate it as a previous (very small) document got lost.

In the section Dutch Terrorism News Analysis I try to write my findings after analysing the news on Dutch Muslim terrorists. Currently there is nothing on Dutch Terrorists but only some tiny fragments on some International figures. It is colossal to go through all the newspapers since 9/11 (2002?) and write about it in English.

Please remind: I am not a Muslim. I do not defend their attrocities. In fact I see their tactics as very costly in terms gaining wider support for their cause and human life. It is just that I think and feel that these actions seem so weird, out of place and have a certain phony quality in them.

Not all was well before of course, Dutch society has had relative big problems with immigrants before, we could say that every group has had its lost generation, mostly due to drugs and drug related crime. As you can see at Amsterdam Zeedijk where you can watch how the ethnicity of problemzone changes over the years...